How Do I Interpret Classical Dominance?

BDSM has been a part of my natural sexuality for a very long time. I love playing with power and submission, slipping into different roles, “letting go,” realizing bizarre or darker fantasies, leading you…

As a classic dominatrix, I dedicate our shared time to you and exploring your kick, your world of experience. It is highly appealing to me to find out what excites you, why it does, and how I can shape our shared space so that there can always be new, intensive scenarios. Of course, I also get a lot out of this; just the pleasure of seeing your devotion or experiencing how you open up and let go is exhilarating to me. My imagination is often fed by this, my creativity is sparked immensely, and I feel desire; desire to lead you onto paths you have never stepped foot on before.

Of course I happily work closely with your sexuality, your desire and horniness. I will use it deliberately to get the maximum out of our time. Your orgasm is not necessary – but if it is essential to you, let me know before the session.

Who Can See Me?

Only men and women, or what?

Since the psychological experience is most crucial to me, I do not care about the gender of my play partners. I very much like playing with women, men, and everyone who positions themselves between or beyond that. It is more important for me to know what your approach to SM is and what you would like to experience with me.


I like getting together with couples in many different constellations. Sometimes, both partners are insecure and inexperienced with their SM and fetish inclinations. Our meeting then focuses mostly on knowledge transfer, the exploration of potential scenarios, and playing together. Or one of the partners is unsure how to deal with the inclination of their partner – or with how far they can go.
Sometimes, couples just enjoy a threesome play or want to take home fresh ideas for play.

What Is Possible?


Do you love pain? Pleasurable pain? Experiencing worlds of pain? I will gladly attend to you and delightfully play up to your edge. I love the sparkle in the eyes of a masochist when I use an especially painful technique. Using focused pain as part of a role play or classic discipline that is not experienced as enjoyable but has to be endured as a real punishment and necessary evil are also particularly fascinating to me.


Submission, service, worship are your topics? Excellent, because I love classic discipline. Whether it is the classic English version, a freer interpretation, or pure material worship (nylon, leather, etc.) – I will gladly create a space where we are fully dedicated to your devotion. Training, behavioral rules, objectification, up to extreme variants as “active ignoring” and truly personalized degradation are possible. Of course I also educate domestic servants or stage longer periods of time.


BDSM is sexuality and has much to do with the experience of touch and the stimulation of one’s senses. Dominant massages are a gentle introduction to the possibilities of SM, but can also get more severe. Exploring one’s prostate, surrendering to the strap-on, anal stretching, and other “back door” play belong in this pleasurable category. Tease & denial or orgasm control lead to enjoyable constraint. I am in a lively exchange with my tantric colleagues and shamelessly use some effective techniques.


Being at someone’s mercy, restricted in one’s movement, bound, mummified, held by ropes – this can be very erotic and stimulating. I love making you helpless. I especially like working with plastic wrap (great in combination with breath control) and tape but only recommend this type of play to the experienced guest.
Shibari and more modern forms of rope bondage are exciting to me; I let you fly in ropes. Chains, the leather body bag, handcuffs – these are all elements we can explore together.


This is where my instinct to play fully awakes. Sometimes, an improvised story line is enough, but often very detailed elements of the play are a lot of fun. I love the interactive play with creative guests and happily take you along for a trip into my world of fantasy. If you contact me early enough, I am happy to prepare for more unusual play ideas. The penal camp, the Institute for Manual Behavior Correction, a harsh interrogation, prison processing are just a few of the possibilities that are open to us.


Latex is a wonderfully erotic material. The rubber clings to the body – smooth and shiny, skin-tight, wonderfully fragrant. Touch gets more intensive, the senses are aroused, the mind freed. I personally have discovered latex fairly late – better to slowly and authentically discover an inclination than chasing after the market. I now find great pleasure in intense and quiet latex excesses, transformation, restriction, mask play.

What about desires that are not listed here?

Lists can never be exhaustive – this field and my interests are simply too wide for that. Take a look around my website for play ideas or read the session reports. You may also just ask me if I would be up for your fantasy. As long as you do not find your play idea on my list of hard limits, I will happily try realizing it.

What is not possible at all?

Not every play is right for every player. Sometimes, it is just a question of realization, but every now and then we encounter a practice we do not want to experience. That is not the end of the world but a personal limit that is set individually.

I will respect your personal hard limits. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure you clearly communicate them to me during the preliminary conversation. I will gladly play at the edge of your boundaries; if you are brave enough, we can also go beyond that.

I also have limits, practices I will not engage in during our shared time. I consider your acceptance of them a sign of your respect.

  • Dirty Games


  • Vomit


  • Remaining Injuries


  • Intimate Contact