Dear Guy Fournier, let me help you!

You seem to have taken quite a ‚liking‘ to my review of 50 Shades of… (not saying that full title again).

Which is fine, I´d say, anyone is entiteld to their opinion. Even if it means that you have to slack me and my (fully legal) profession off in your little piece.

No really, it is totally ok!

Unfortunately my french is not quite as good as it used to be, but I know my country flags. In your column you write:

„Vous pouvez lui voir la binette en allant sur son site: Malheureusement, le site ne parle qu’allemand!“ (

You claim that my site is not in german.

You know what? I provide service for my visitors. So if my website detects that you come from a country that doesn´t speak german, it switches automaticly to the english version. That is some modern technology thing, he? Amazing what they can do nowadays!

Anyways, if you would like to review my website in german, just press the little german flag underneath the menu on the left.

Easy, isn´t it?

You are VERY welcome!

I hope you did enjoy ‚Sercretary‘ as much as I did. And I also hope you would not judge the quality of a movie only by its commercial success and its suitability ‚aux auditoires de tout âge‘.

All the canadian visitors who come by via Guy´s link (thank you for that): enjoy! I do provide service both in german AND english.

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