You can’t teach a person anything. You can only help them to discover it in themselves.

Gallileo Gallilei

BDSM is my profession and my vocation at the same time, for over 25 years it belongs to my sexuality.

As beautiful as the occupation with sexuality and eroticism is, it is not always easy. Sometimes one would like to exchange, discuss an issue or get an opinion.
Your own environment is not always open to these thoughts, or you are interested in the opinion of an experienced person.

I have been working as a professional dominatrix for more than 10 years, and in my career I have guided many great colleagues, accompanied interesting and profound processes and also answered simple seeming questions.
As a trained social worker, I have knowledge of systemic structures, hidden processes and empathic conversation. I can help you to bring clarity into your thoughts and accompany you in your development around BDSM. My approach is very direct and practice-oriented. It is not my task to bend you straight, but to accompany you on your way and to support you in finding your way.

  • (Aspiring) colleagues

    You would like to join the world of professional BDSM and are looking for an experienced mentor?
    You are already working but feel insecure and want to get a professional opinion?
    In intimate 1:1 conversations we take care of your topics. Practice sessions, discussions, input on marketing, customer management and much more are possible topics.

  • Individuals

    You have a topic around BDSM and are looking for another opinion. You can’t find a partner even though you’re already checked out all the munches and meet-ups?
    Do you want to find out for yourself whether your newly discovered inclination towards SM authentically belongs to you?
    Your partner is Vanilla and you are unsure how to deal with BDSM?
    This are just a few of the topics we can work on together. Maybe you also want to train yourself in individual workshops to surprise your play partners.

  • Couples | Relationship groups

    You have just discovered BDSM for yourself and are unsure how you want to integrate it? You’ve been playing for some time, but need instructions? Something is not going well and you are looking for fresh insight into the situation?
    I like to work with you as a couple or in your chosen relationship constellation (poly-structures, play partners, etc.).

The mentoring takes place in a face to face conversation, maybe with practical exercises, by telephone or via webcam/chat. Depending on the topic and necessity one or more sessions can be useful. I will, of course, treat content and arrangements with care and discretion. I welcome people of all classes, all origins, all sexes and all bodies.
I would like to point out to you that I am not a certified therapist and cannot treat any clinical conditions, but I can try to get you in touch with therapists who are open to your topics.