Women, lesbians, inter*, non-binary & trans* persons

Be very welcome!

It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to my website. The occupation with sexuality, the conscious experiencing, exploring, and sometimes also limiting, can be a wonderful way to your own empowerment.

I understand BDSM as a practice that breaks away from cis- and heteronormative ideas and gives us space and opportunity to deal with hierarchy, power, powerlessness, negotiation and sexuality.

There are very different possibilities to experiment, to present oneself and to explore. Each session is an invitation to reflection, to pleasure, to encounters with our shadows and our desires: delicious, delightful and adventurous.

In my work I want to create space for your themes, your body, and last but not least for your lust. Sometimes it needs a safe framework to discover yourself anew, to invent yourself, to explore the old, to awaken the sleeping. The hidden wants to be revealed. Perhaps it is also about the luxury of knowing the personal pleasure in the centre and not having to worry about possible connections.

You may experiment with me, play with your facets, show yourself and explore. Perhaps you would like to try whether BDSM suits you, or whether you allow yourself the pleasure and indulge in it? Maybe you are looking for a mindful guide to try something new or to break away from the old? You want to explore why you end up sexually in similar patterns and look for ways to break them? Perhaps you want to overwrite a past experience, open up new possibilities? Maybe you are unsure about sexuality and sexuality, and want to experience yourself outside the socially limited classifications? You want to satisfy your curiosity? Do you want to live your fantasies? You are looking for a loyal companion to break a process?
Even if you simply want to play with eroticism, hard SM or bizarre exploration, free from everyday demands, to celebrate you, your lust and your desire, I invite you to play with me.

I will treat you with respect and respect you and your needs. You do not have to justify yourself. You may be with me you yourself, without explanation, without claiming to have to “pass”, or to have to worry about your passing.
My BDSM is open-minded and need-oriented – variations and techniques serve me as a means to an end, they are not its sense. The way is the goal. It is not about “faster, higher, further” or “right/wrong” but about successful attentive communication and intensive encounters. We play as intensive and reflected as you want, as easy and uncomplicated as you want.