Wonderful toys

Today I had one of those special sessions.

Picking up the telephone, I knew instantly that we would click. That´s why I made sure to keep the time after the session free. I hate it, when I have to work under pressure, especially when I love the session topic.

During the preptalk, my guest had a surprise for me in store. He brought a few special toys. Expecting nothing too out of the ordinary, is it a common thing under lovers of manual punishment to keep their extra toys and bring them with them to a session. But when he unrolled his big pack and sorted the toys on the bench, I became very excited.

He sorted the most fantastic toys next to each other. Oh boy, there where the most exquisite tawses, leatherpaddles, individual designed rubber and leather straps in different weights, heavy but still elegant sole-like paddles, fancy looking dogwhips, caneslings and mini carpetbeaters out of a sturdy, but flexible plastictubing. I was, naturally, busy with touching all those fantastic goodies, weighing them in my hand, administering testing slaps to get an idea of the power they wield, while my guest was telling me something or the other. I was just too preoccupied by the sheer beauty and potential of the toys.


Those special sweeties are now mine.

At some point the words ‘handmade’ and ‘out of one workshop’ reached my euphoric brain and I managed to turn my attention to my client, who told me, that one man in the depths of his basement creates all those little trinkets with his own hands. Do you believe that? The maker of the best toys I have seen so far lives like, 100 km out of Karlsruhe and I HAD NO IDEA OF HIS EXISTENCE? Apparently he found out about the ebayshop of the manufacturer, contacted him for a special custom request and kept buying his toys.


A closer look on the handles – quality work!

Of course I had to have a selection! You can see my choice on the first pic above. Let me introduce you:
A plastic carpet beater, small, flexible, absolute mean. Stingy and perfect to disinfect.
A fly swatter – like paddle, soft, elegant, with a plastic core that fives it it´s fantastic sting. Also note that it isn´t hemmed. Very elegant.
A super mean heavyrubber strap with a very distinguished OOOMPH to make you sing a lovely song for your mistress, set in high quality leather handles.
A rubberclad paddle with a leather core, nice heavy, convincing.
A wonderful and quite heavy leather strap with holes to make it sting, on top of its great design.
A very elegant but überunderestimated minicanesling (excellent marks) and a very elegant and precise dogwhip made out of four layers of finest leather.

Leider unscharf - aber man sieht die gute Handarbeit!

Little unsharp detail of the paddle – really good work!

The manufacturer of the toys actually has a little ebayshop of his own (you will get the link further down). Do us and especially yourself a favour: get yourself some toys from there! He not only does customisations, he also will ship international. Also I am very certain that you won´t be able to get this quality for this price in the not too distant future. Incredible what a little passion can do!

Kunststoffschlinge und Rohrstockschlinge - da krieg ich gleich Gelüste!

Plastic sling and cane carpetbeater – wow!

Here now is the link, to jump over, just click on the picture! Enjoy!




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