Book your session with me!

You can book 3 types of sessions with me:

Cam sessions via Skype
Chat sessions via Skype
Telephone sessions via my mobile number or skype call

These sessions have a length of 30 minutes. If you would like to book a shorter session, please note this in your request. I will then arrange this with you individually. Please keep in mind that short sessions are not always possible and I will group them around longer sessions.

First choose what you want to book, phone or Skype, then you can further differentiate.

I only accept bank transfers. If your bank offers real time transfers or instant payment, your tribute will reach me in a few seconds. Otherwise, please take into account that your booking may take up to 4 working days. Dates are not confirmed until I receive your payment.

I can accomodate a UK and a US account number and accept payments in Pound and Dollar.

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