Confident Dominance

How do you actually take what you feel like doing when you’re busy all the time trying to cut a good figure in front of the sub? What to do with your own insecurity and how to deal with self-doubt?

This is a workshop with a focus on body language, voice and inner attitude. It is aimed at people who have just discovered their own dominance or who feel insecure about it. Previous experience is not necessary.
We come into contact with our desire for domination and try our hand at announcements. Loudly. Quietly. Or even wordlessly.

How do some people manage to enter a room, and all the subs prefer to kneel down immediately?
What is power and why can the expression of power be very beautiful?

On the basis of consent, we take the liberty of exploring our very own fantasies and practice implementing them. We deal with scenarios such as topping from the bottom, unruly subs and learn methods to design games in such a way that all participants do not miss out without falling into pure service ourselves. We fathom roles and alter egos and equip them with substance. We learn about Top-Drop and Self and After Care.
We will learn a variety of methods to attract and explore our inherent power. We work with breathing, voice and posture. In interactive exercises we get to know our limits and meet our limitations.
There is room for the exchange of experiences, and there is also room for topics we have brought with us.

The workshop is open for people of all identities and every passing. I also offer FLINT* workshops on request.

This workshop can be booked as a group workshop.
Duration: Evening or day workshop