Impact Play

Impact Play, Tools & Technique

Impact Play includes games and techniques with force, impact. Basically everything that has to do with hitting is part of this beautiful, impressive play. We have the potential to develop very intensive scenarios, but also at the cost of increased risks. A secure, solid foundation is worth its weight in gold.

In this intensive one-day workshop, we will deal theoretically and practically with hitting. In addition to precise and intimate manual work (classical spanking), we work with a variety of different instruments. We not only learn the correct handling, physiologically sensible movement sequences, but also about “taste” and the less obvious possibilities of use.

The technically correct use of impact equipment is, however, only a small part – the interaction with our playing partners is more important. This is based on a unit about anatomy and risk minimizing, the diversity of different bodies and the interaction within defined limits.

I understand hitting as an extended form of communication between the players, and a successful communication is an interactive one. In order to be able to read physical reactions and non-verbal communication well, we learn about motivation, physiological and psychological processes in order to be able to classify them attentively in the moment of the event.

Finally, it is a matter of practical experimentation – similar to juggling, the handling of the instrument must be practiced, but in addition it must be set in connection with body, mind and reaction. Which pain profile is the right one and what happens with variations in force, power, rhythm…?
Where is my opponent, do we play together or past each other? It’s about very practical applications, development in posture and technique, we learn methods of communication into the subspace, ask non-verbal feedback, practice communication with body and hand.

The beating can be part of a session, or the main content. We talk about different scenarios and play possibilities, about the before and the after. What does a meaningful psychological or physiological After Care look like? We include the giving part in this as well.

The workshop is aimed at all people who find Impact Play exciting and would like to expand their experience. It is possible to participate in the workshop as a purely receiving person. As a rule, however, I will be present with selected exercise subs.
The workshop is open for people of all identities and every passing. I also offer WLINT* workshops on request.

This workshop can be booked as a single person via
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Duration: One day workshop