This is a very practical workshop that deals with complete body restriction.

We learn about the appeal of this fetish and discover the pleasure of it. What materials are possible, how can we design a safe playing field?

What are tunnel games and what does it have to do with mummification?

We try out the feeling of being completely enclosed and learn how to put it into practice. How do you proceed skilfully, what do you have to pay attention to? What happens in an emergency?

What do you do with the mummies? We explore games and scenarios.

In this practical workshop we explore the possibility of complete restriction.

We will inform ourselves extensively about the basics of mummification. What is the attraction of this fetish and what is the reason for our desire for it?

But first we will deal with a solid foundation: Which risks are to be considered, how can I minimize them, which materials can I use in which way to create a safe and pleasurable experience? We learn about anatomy and about suitable precautions. What can I do in an emergency and which techniques can I use so that my playing partners can make themselves noticed?

Equipped with this knowledge, we then go directly into action. We explore the feeling of being completely enclosed, make a short excursion into breath play and get to know different materials. What is a tunnel game, what does it have to do with mummification?

Then we practice an intensive form of mummification with adhesive tape. In small groups we will completely wrap up exercise objects and learn in practice about the best techniques and possibilities of implementation.

Attention: We only work with “dry” materials, not with plaster.

The workshop is open for people of all identities and every passing. I also offer FLINT* workshops on request.

This workshop can be booked as an individual via
Groups please ask separately.
Duration: One day workshop