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Conan submits to a dominatrix

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I should have probably better prepared for all the hits, but I am travelling at the moment and for some reason I am way better in organizing butt plugs than personal marketing! You are here because you have seen me on Conan, teaching the boy some posture and […]

Hitting a celebrity

Conan O’Brien visits Dominatrix Lady Velvet Steel in Berlin Every once in a while, a celebrity drops in my Studio Lux in Berlin. Usually I can never tell anyone about who was visiting me, and what we did. Discretion is a big part of my business and I value it highly. What happens in Studio […]

The Difference between a Domina and a Bizarrlady

Germany is well known for its openness towards sex of all kinds, it is one of the few countries that legalized selling a sexual service and at least tries to protect the rights of sexworkers (I will not be getting into a political debate here, promise!). The foreign BDSM lover, especially those from the Anglo-American […]

Burlesque On Air ***Special FemDom Edition***

Radiostar! As hot as ever 😉 Lada Redstar and Lady Lou paied me a visit at the Studio and at the FemDom Salon. Do not miss out on the englishspoken interview, radio report and of course the educational video! Air time will be may, 13th, 2015, 8pm sharp! http://www.alex-berlin.de/radio/livestream.html For more information check out the […]