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WANTED: sub for an audio recording of a play session

Heute erreichte mich folgende Anfrage einer Künstlerin. Vielleicht findet ja jemand von euch das spannend und möchte das umsetzen. Falls ja, lass es mich bei der Sessionvereinbarung wissen.  Ich selbst kenne die Künstlerin nicht persönlich und weiss auch nichts genaues über das Projekt, ich setze euch bei Interesse aber gerne in Kontakt. __________________________________________ WANTED: sub […]

Conan submits to a dominatrix

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I should have probably better prepared for all the hits, but I am travelling at the moment and for some reason I am way better in organizing butt plugs than personal marketing! You are here because you have seen me on Conan, teaching the boy some posture and […]

Hitting a celebrity

Conan O’Brien visits Dominatrix Lady Velvet Steel in Berlin Every once in a while, a celebrity drops in my Studio Lux in Berlin. Usually I can never tell anyone about who was visiting me, and what we did. Discretion is a big part of my business and I value it highly. What happens in Studio […]

The Difference between a Domina and a Bizarrlady

Germany is well known for its openness towards sex of all kinds, it is one of the few countries that legalized selling a sexual service and at least tries to protect the rights of sexworkers (I will not be getting into a political debate here, promise!). The foreign BDSM lover, especially those from the Anglo-American […]

Vacation feb 24 – 28

My secret love, the Pastel De Nata, is calling for me. So I go visit Portugal for a few days. I will be back for sessions on march 2nd.

Femdom Resource

All the suffering through 50SoG had at least one good thing! I discoverd the blog Femdom Resource, who found my column I (almost) did (myself) on “the movie which name shall not be speaken here ever again”! It´s a fantastic read, full of excellent stories, links and resources, run by a submissive masochist. Go figure!

50 Shades of Reviews

I recently had the “plaesure” to be invited by Scott from The Hollywoodreporter to give him my opinion of this truely aweful movie. Together we sufferd the entire time while watching it. The plot is so boring that you actually get every continuation mistake, have to ‘admire’ all the decoration work and set design and […]

Sneak Preview: Lotte, my cheeky maid

Be excited! Lotte is a dear girlfriend of mine, who is very cheeky, playful and adventurous. It is about time to take her under my disciplinary wings and teach her the proper ways of the maids. From now on, you can enjoy both of us in a session together. Let us teach the naughty Lotte […]